Cleaning Services Pricing

Our team understands conditions can get out of hand, even with the best of intentions; that is why we offer discreet cleanup services. If you are a homeowner, landlord, business owner, or someone that has inherited a distressed area due to: animal hoarding; the domestication of wild animals; animal infestation; or any other situation that has you in need of gross filth clean up, we are the certified professionals that can ensure a proper and complete result. In our area of work there is no time for us to be judgmental of the circumstances, we are here to help get the area back to a healthy state, for the safety of everyone.

Victim Assistance & Financial Hardship Program

Our Free Cleaning Coupons were created to help customers who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one and/or are currently going through financial hardship.  At On Call Bio Arkansas, we have always put people over profit, and your physical and mental safety is our primary concern.  With a valid home owners insurance policy, On Call Bio Arkansas will donate $500.00 – $1000.00 to pay for the deductible.  Any services that are requested  by the customer that are not covered by insurance will be the responsibility of the client.

*If you are a Coroner, Medical Examiner, Police Officer, Sheriff/Deputy, Funeral Director or work in a medical or public safety position and would like to request coupons or marketing material, please contact us*

No insurance for crime scene or biohazard cleaning? No problem

We realize that not all services are covered by insurance, and occasionally our customers may not have coverage. On Call Bio Arkansas offers affordable payment plans that work with your budget and have discounts for out of pocket costs. We also accept all major credit cards and have a 100% guarantee that we will beat any qualified bio-hazard companies price. As an owner operated company with over a decade of experience in the industry, we don’t cut corners – we cut costs. We can save you money on your cleaning and disinfection needs.

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