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On Call Bio Arkansas provides experienced and professional biohazard cleanup services for Arkansas. The potential health and safety hazards following a bio-hazard contamination requires specialized training to properly clean biohazards as well as handle the generated biohazardous waste.

Bio-hazards are biological agents that can cause illness, injury, and death in living organisms.

This includes animal/human blood and bodily tissues, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and many types of fecal matter. What may seem like a localized and harmless spill or contamination can be a bit misleading; many of these organisms can live on surfaces for many hours or days and spread through various means without proper cleaning protocols. Many times bacteria and odors will continue to grow despite a quick surface clean as the majority of the contamination lies beneath surfaces. A common misconception is that all areas can be fully remediated, however, saturated material must be removed, replaced, and disposed of properly — Household cleaners (such as bleach) just do not do the job and are too harsh for many surfaces and materials.

Midwest Biohazard Clean-Up Services

  • Trauma or Accidental Injury

  • Homicide/Murder/Suicide

  • Blood Spills or Bleedouts

  • Fecal Matter / Gastrointestinal

  • Filth & General Contaminations

  • Disease/Virus/Bacteria/Fungus

On Call Bio Arkansas offers biohazard cleanup for homeowners, business owners, family, friends, employees, and coworkers to alleviate the associated trauma with having to clean-up potentially hazardous situations. We strongly advise that anyone that may be required or obligated to clean these hazards not do so, as the bloodborne pathogens and other dangers may not be properly cleaned. Household cleaners are effective at masking odors and doing a mild cleanse but proper and full remediation requires proper training, safety protocols, and proper waste disposal.

The Trusted Name in Bio-Hazard Cleaning

Most people are unaware that biohazard cleaning exists, or how to pay for the cleanup. The majority of our cleaning services are covered by property and homeowners insurance. We will work with your insurance company and file claims on your behalf and if our services are not covered, we offer discounted rates and affordable payment plans. To those who are victims of crime, you may also be eligible for crime victim reparation funds to help cover costs as well. Rest assured, calling a Biohazard Cleanup company is the best course of action.

We offer competitive pricing and currently serve Arkansas. Call us at 501-261-6502. Or if you have questions regarding our services, send us an email.

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