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Unattended Death Cleanup Services

On Call Bio Arkansas is a professional suicide cleanup company, and from last many years our employees have dealt with a variety of dreadful and daunting sites. Unfortunately, suicide can happen anytime, anywhere. Our bio-hazard recovery team offers services for homes, offices, hotels/motels, roadways, indoor and outdoor environments and any other place suicide was committed or attempted. It’s important that after blood or any other bodily fluids have shed that a professional takes care of the cleaning.

Sometimes there are signs, other times it comes completely unexpected, but every time it hurts the people closest to deceased. Please do not attempt to clean up after the remains as this can leave personal scars well beyond the agony you are already going through. There are potential diseases that can be spread if the area does not get cleaned and sanitized properly. This can risk the health of the person performing the cleaning or anyone that comes in contact with the area.

Unattended Death Cleanup Services

On Call Bio Arkansas is a professional, certified & experienced unattended death cleanup company. We service and clean all body decomposition (decomp) and sites where a dead body was not immediately discovered after they passed away. These scenes often contain a large amount of blood, fecal matter and bodily fluid as well as flies, maggots, and a very displeasing and unique odor. Our team of professional cleanup technicians can remove bio-hazard and potentially infectious waste, and disinfect and deodorize the area where the decomposition took place. Cleanup of a decomposing body is a difficult task but our crew has specialized equipment and the experience to guarantee a clean, safe, and odor free environment.

Natural Death & Decomposition Cleanup

Unattended deaths are quite common. When using the word unattended death or decomposed bodies, it refers to a death that went unnoticed and undiscovered for days to months; some cases even years. If you find yourself in a situation that requires cleanup, don’t do it yourself. There are risks with improper cleanup and the emotional trauma and odor alone may be too much to handle for many people, especially family.

What you see can’t be unseen, and once you enter the property and take a closer look to examine the extent of the mess, the images will forever be with you. We offer our cleanup services so that you don’t have to experience that. You and your family are suffering enough, so don’t bear more weight than you have to. Let our experts handle the disaster that has been put on your shoulders, and allow you to grieve without the further dangers of cleaning blood and bodily fluid of someone you’ve lost. Count on On Call Bio Arkansas when you need us the most, we’re there for you in the worst of times.

Cleaning up After Dead Bodies That Went Undiscovered

If someone hasn’t been heard from for quite some time, the mail is piling up, and there are several flies on the windows and a unpleasant odor coming from the door, chances are there was an unattended death. Once the heart stops pumping, each and every cell housed in the body dies because they’re no longer receiving oxygen, leading to decay. Death leads to radical changes in appearance, depending on the time gone unnoticed; there could be a visually completely unrecognizable body before you. As the natural breakdown of the body starts to settle, many changes occur and blood drains and pools into the lower portions, which results in a color distortion. Insects notice and are drawn to this release of bacteria. Flies will lay eggs and maggots will then consume the corpse, which can easily spread the potential health hazards throughout a dwelling.

Unattended Death Cleaning Experts

An unattended dead body turns into a serious health risk because of all the toxins, bacteria and pathogens the body releases. The odors that surround it are due to airborne bacteria and can risk the health of anyone entering the area or occupying the space in the future. Weather also plays a big role in the amount of time a home or other area sustains un-treatable damages or unnoticeable smells.

In many cases, there are actually maggots crawling through, inside, and underneath floors, walls and ceilings. The HVAC system is almost always compromised, and it’s not just what you can clearly see that is bio-hazardous, it’s what you don’t at first and what you simply can’t. Flies swarm in and feed on biological material, spreading that everywhere they land. If you look closely you’ll see several small specks on a variety of surfaces, and in areas they are not visible, there are still microscopic organisms.

Professional Unattended Death Cleaners

The directly affected elements that have come in contact with the decomposing body need to be torn up and removed, to guarantee any health risk is eliminated. Our professional bio-hazard clean up team will clean, sanitize, decontaminate and deodorize every aspect around the decomposed. We use air purifiers, proprietary chemicals solutions, equipment and technology.

We can completely restore any area that has been housing an unattended death, and most of the time our services are covered by insurance. We specialize in cleaning of apartment buildings, private homes, and businesses. Contact On Call Bio Arkansas for a confidential consultation about our cleanup services today. We offer competitive pricing and currently serve Arkansas.

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