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Fluids On Call Bio Arkansas Offers Professional and Experienced Blood and Bodily Fluid Cleanup

We urge people not to try and handle any large mess yourself due to potential health hazards. The proper cleaning of blood, feces, vomit or other type of fluids requires specialized training and may be dangerous if not handled properly. On Call Bio Arkansas is dedicated to the safety of anyone that comes in contact with these areas during and after our crew cleans, disinfects, and sanitizes an area.

The smallest amount of bodily fluid can have dangerous effects if not correctly and thoroughly mitigated. If unprotected contact occurs with any type of bodily fluid, it could lead to infectious, blood borne or sexually transmitted diseases. It is extremely important to verify that anyone dealing with the bodily fluid cleanup is licensed and certified to clean biohazardous contaminations. If the company or person you permit to handle the cleaning and disinfecting is not, it could lead to serious health hazards to you, your family, or your business.

Risks Associated With Exposure To Bodily Fluids

Exposure to an area that has blood is a very hazardous situation. Contact with blood borne pathogens can be extremely detrimental and can easily be life changing. Blood can be the carrier of many diseases, most commonly HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. There is a high risk of contracting these diseases if the proper steps for safety and disinfecting are not used.

Feces exposure not only carries foul smells and odors but contact can also be considered a serious health hazard which can lead to a plethora of infectious diseases. Bacteria in the feces risks the health of anyone that comes in direct contact or with the contaminated area. Fecal matter is known to contain and transmit Hepatitis A, Salmonella, Hantavirus and Parasites.

When the contents of a stomach are expelled they become a bio-hazard. Vomit or puke will contaminate anything within a 25 foot radius. Germs in the vomit can be spread by air and surface contact, if not properly disinfected they can lead to a number of illnesses. If the area contaminated by the vomit is not effectively sanitized many health risks can be a result.

Blood and Bodily Fluid Cleaning Services

Our trained and professional bodily fluid cleanup team can disinfect homes, businesses, properties, parks and vehicles, even in the most extreme cases. We have specialized procedures that guarantee a completely sanitized and disinfected area. We offer our services in confidence and will issue a Certificate of Completion when the job is done. Contact the professionals at On Call Bio Arkansas for any of your bodily fluid cleanup needs. We offer free, confidential consultations for all of our bio-hazard cleanup services.

We offer competitive pricing and currently serve Arkansas. Call us at 501-261-6502. Or if you have questions regarding our services, send us an email.

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