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Tear Gas Damage?


If your property has been damaged due to tear gas, also known as riot gas, CS or CN or pepper spray in Arkansas it will benefit a professional remediation. On Call Bio Arkansas provides tear and riot gas remediation services, for a complete ceiling to floor clean, that will leave your property completely clear of the hazardous residue left behind. Cleaning the aftermath of a tear or riot gas incident is crucial to the value of your property.

It is highly recommended, not only from an investment point of view but also from a health point of view, that any area introduced to tear or riot gas be cleaned and decontaminated. Tear gas irritates and causes pain in the eyes, nose, lungs and mouth. It can make breathing difficult and has been known to cause temporary blindness and in some cases it can lead to permanent injury, death is possible but a very rare result. It’s important to only hire a professional to eliminate the residue left by tear gas. If a thorough remediation is not executed these and other symptoms can be a threat to anyone for years to come.

Riot & Tear Gas Hazards

Tear gas is used as a non-lethal weapon that is dispersed in a variety of ways, with a variety of chemicals but all situations lead to a dangerous environment. Whether the area you need cleaned is business or residential we can be your solution. We will restore your property to its original condition.

Tear gas residue removal is complex and it involves multiple steps. Our professional cleanup crew will be wearing all the necessary equipment, to ensure a speedy, thorough and complete remediation, without being hindered by the harmful remaining substances. Our specialized equipment ensures no spot is missed, our experiences and certifications allows for actual testing, at the sight. On Call Bio Arkansas will not leave until the environment is completely safe for everyone.

We chemically treat and remove the tear gas powder in every area of the environment, each surface and the entire HVAC system. If an item can be salvaged, we will disassemble it when cleaning and a part of our process purifies the air. Each and every aspect of your tear gas affected area will need to be evasively cleaned. The remains of a tear or riot gas incident will not go away on their own and no one will suffer more from skipping the recommended treatment that the people residing in the area consistently.

Call the Tear Gas Cleanup Professionals

Safety is important, whether in a business setting or at home. Don’t risk the health and well-being of others because you left the tear gas residue to settle. It can lead to serious issues down the road, On Call Bio Arkansas is experienced and knows how to eliminate the presence of this danger and leave a safe environment for your family, friends, clients, patients, or anyone else that will use the area.

Tear or riot gas remediation is not an easy task, that is why we have taken our time to get certified through OSHA and have experience successfully cleaning and removing the residue left from tear or riot gas. Not everyone who claims to be able to provide a remedy for a home or business filled with tear or riot gas has the capabilities. Contact the professionals at On Call Bio Arkansas today for a consultation on our tear or riot gas remediation services, we can restore your property back to safety.

We offer competitive pricing and currently serve Arkansas. Call us at 501-261-6502. Or if you have questions regarding our services, send us an email.

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